Route Planning for Trail Runners – Thursday

Thursday 20th February 2020. 7:00pm
The Highland Bookshop

Learn how to run away from the road and into the mountains with this ‘route-planning for trail runners’ evening with Girls on Hills.

About this Event

Girls on Hills is Scotland’s only guided trail/fell running company, designed specifically for women. Guided runs take place in the Glen Coe area and are aimed at equipping women with the skills and confidence necessary to become independent in the mountains.

Building on a feature article by Girls on Hills in the Dec/Jan issue of Trail Running magazine, this evening talk by Co-Director Keri Wallace explores ways to plan a great trail run and gives tips for building the confidence necessary for trail running in remote or mountainous terrain. Join us for an evening of inspiration and motivation, and let us show you how You Can Run Free!

This evening workshop is open to both guys and gals!

TICKETS AVAILABLE for £7 through the Highland Bookshop, Fort William 01397 705931