Family Adventure Films

Sunday 23rd February 2020. 2:00pm
Main Theatre, Nevis Centre

Hosted by Ailsa JF

Come and join us for an afternoon of family friendly adventure films!

We’ll be opening the Nevis Centre Main Theatre, free of charge, for anybody of any age to come and watch some fantastically inspiring family films starring the young, the old, and the local heroes! Special guests to be confirmed.

Films start at 2pm and finish at 4pm with an interval of 15 minutes.

Last year was the first time we ran an event like this, and we were delighted by the support and the turn out in remembrance of a special member of our community. This year we would like to continue to raise money for causes we believe to be of vital importance. On that note, we will also be inviting PUPPIES to this event! Our chosen charity this year is SARDA Scotland.

The Search & Rescue Dog Association Scotland:

  • Is a volunteer organisation which trains dogs and their handlers to search for missing persons
  • Is used by Police and Mountain Rescue to locate missing people in the mountains or low ground areas, including children and people with dementia.
  • Has handlers who are experienced mountaineers, and trained in casualty care.
  • Covers all of Scotland, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

For further information, click HERE for the SARDA website.

Last year, at the 2019 Festival, we supported the Crocus Group charity. If you would like to continue to support these wonderful, special people, click HERE for their website.

Please be aware that all under 12’s will need to be accompanied to this event.