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It’s the Skiing Selection! And that can only mean one thing. Get ready for the finest selection of powder-shredding, line-sending and awe-inspiring ski films of the year. These films will leave you psyched for powder days and ready to hit the slopes at the next opportunity.

Films will be available to purchase for online viewing from the 19th to 25th February 2021.

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Skiing Selection Line Up:


12,000 KM

Director – Erik Nylander

The prevailing climate threat has made a bunch of Swedish extreme skiers and snowboarders travel with trains and ferries from Stockholm all the way to Japan, in search of deep powder and the adventure of a lifetime.

Along the world longest train ride, they make various stops in Siberia’s remote forests, exploring untouched mountains and experiencing the special Russian culture from the interior.

When arriving in Japan 12 000 km later, the crew continue to road trip in RV’s through the land of the rising sun.

A great amount of humor, hectic meetings and world-class riding sums up this epic journey.


End of the Road: A Discovery of Skiing Without Ego

Director – Jacob Oster

The Road. It takes us from point A, to point B, and all the way to point C. In a small nook of Oregon lies a gem. The cows outnumber the humans and it’s wilderness landscape has ingrained itself as a spiritual guider of the local population.

As the majority goes one way, we go another in search of skiing at its rarest. Maybe, just maybe, the end is actually the beginning.


A Few Steps From Home

Director – El Flamingo

The idea is simple. A small hut in our home mountains. A room, an oven, three friends. Those self-catering huts are well known for hikers in summertime and can be found all over the alps. In the winter months only few people come up here, even if the big cities Munich and Innsbruck, are almost in sight. This is what we found just a few steps from home.

These days it is more important than ever to embrace the territory on your doorstep instead of dreaming of distant places.


Made in Voyage

Directors – Joey Schusler & Wiley Kaupas

Who hasn’t dreamed of putting their life on hold to embark on an adventure where only your imagination sets the boundaries for what is possible? A trip where time stands still, far removed from the responsibilities, social engagements, and smartwatches of today’s fast-paced 21st century lifestyle. Cody and Kellyn turned this dream into a reality. Since they both love to ski, spend time in the great outdoors, and dream all day long of making turns in untracked powder, the two opted for the simple life, one without complication, one where they just take their time. And for unlimited freedom, what better way than to voyage back through time to pick up the ideal travel companion? The couple found and refurbished an old 1960s school bus, the key ingredient to cook up the ultimate road trip! Nevertheless, maintaining their home on wheels has kept the two wanderers on their toes throughout the journey. From being resourceful to winging it, from the Colorado wilderness to Rogers Pass near Revelstoke by way of Utah’s greatest snow on earth, and through their quest for an alternative lifestyle, the adventure takes shape. An adventure where sunrises and sunsets set the pace far from today’s social norms, an adventure filled with incredible encounters, untracked snow, fun, and sharing.


Siberian Powder

Director – André Costa

A group of 7 friends seeking a ski touring adventure in a remote and harsh environment.
Living in isolation for a week on the Mamay valley, they were gifted with the ultimate ski tourer’s dream, POWDER.




A Guide to Mellow Livin’

Director – Samuel McMahon

Shot in central Hokkaido, Japan, and starring Mathieu Crepel, ‘A Guide to Mellow Livin” is just that. A snapshot of being able to travel light and free, following the weather and/or your stomach. We’re not out to prove that our experience was the most authentic, our powder the deepest or our mountains the steepest – we just want good, simple times on the road. Carefree. Laid-back. Mellow.


FORESIGHT – From High Altitude to Intense Life

Director – Dario Tubaldo

Make an expedition means that you want reach the summit, but for Speed Mountaineer Benedikt Böhm and his team, there is much more.
How can we bring in our life this experience? How can we take less risks in order to be a good family father?


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