Polar Night

Saturday 22nd February 2020. 7:00pm
Studio, Nevis Centre

The Polar regions are changing and warming faster than any other region on the planet, the way they change can tell us how the rest of the planet may respond to climate change and the research being carried out there can help inform climate change policy on a global scale.

Antarctica and the Arctic are beautiful and awe-inspiring places to work and every year scientists head North and South to carry out field work during the summer months. Operating in these areas is a unique and exciting experience and scientists working in these regions are supported by experts in their fields; ships crew, chefs, plumbers, field guides, electricians and meteorologists who spend up to 18 months working at the ends of the earth to facilitate world class science.

Come along and meet the people who not only get to work in the Polar regions but get to call them their home.