International Film Competition Award Winners

Online Viewing


This is International Film Competition! This year we have had a record number of entrants to our International Film Competition and picking the winners has been not been easy. This is your opportunity to see the four winning films in one binge-worthy selection.

The categories for the International Film Competition are:

  • BEST SHORT FILM – any film less than 15 minutes long.
  • BEST MOUNTAIN SPORTS FILM – Films featuring any mountain sport including climbing; snow sports; kayaking; mountain biking; base jumping; paragliding etc.
  • BEST EXPLORATION AND ADVENTURE FILM – Films that depict adventure or exploration and can feature any outdoor pursuit such as cycling the length of a country or kayaking across an ocean.
  • JOHN MUIR TRUST WILD PLACES FILM PRIZE – Any film that pertains to our wild places and shows the meaningful impact that spending time in wild places can have on individuals or groups of people.

Films will be available to purchase for online viewing from the 19th to 25th February 2021.

Price – £10

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your tickets.

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And the winners are…

Best Short Film – Across the Sound

Directors – Alfie Smith & Louis MacMillan

This is the adventure of young hill runner Louis MacMillan, from his home on the Keills Peninsula to the island of Jura to run the stunning route of the Jura Fell Race.
An island of rugged coastline, fierce whirlpools, and soaring mountains, Jura is one of the last true wilderness areas in Scotland. Despite its remoteness, the island can be reached from the mainland in under an hour with the Jura Passenger Ferry, for unforgettable experiences and adventures in this breathtaking landscape.



Best Mountain Sports Film – Valhalla, Rock Sky

Directors – David López “Campe”, Karel Downsbrough, Esteban Lahoz & Sergi Latorre

A documentary film about the search for something unique in a remote and wild place, far from the big cities and the most crazy progress. Edu Marín, his father Francisco “Novato” and his brother Álex, embark on an uncertain adventure, in which the probabilities of success are low but the reward can be enormous. The determination of the Marin to conquer the largest roof in the world is absolute and nothing and nobody can stop them. The great arch of Getu is the main scenary for a story of joys, cries, unexpected obstacles, adverse weather, friendship and climbing.


Best Exploration and Adventure Film – The Legend of Muksu

Director – Olaf Obsommer

The Muksu is regarded as one of the most difficult rivers in the former Soviet Union, a glacial torrent cutting through a series of blind canyons in the thin air of the high Pamirs, known in the Tajik language as the “Roof of the World.” Just getting to the put in would involve six days of driving along the fabled Silk Road, and a 20-mile hike over a 15,000-foot pass while carrying boats and supplies for 10 days on the river. Only three parties had run the river before and the last, in 2013, had been forced to evacuate a team member due to high altitude pulmonary edema.

The mission was the final step in a seven-year project to run the most difficult and committing rivers in the former Soviet Union, including the Bashkaus in Siberia and the Sary-jaz in Kyrgyzstan. Trip leader Thomass Marnics of Latvia and filmmaker Olaf Obsommer of Germany had assembled a strong crew of international paddlers for the task.
The movie “THE LEGEND OF MUKSU” tells a story of great friendship, burning bridges and leaving everything behind you and a journey into the unknown to solve the RIDDLE!


John Muir Trust Wild Places Film Prize – The Corris Round

Director – Rob Johnson

Watching Nicky Spinks videos on YouTube during lockdown gave 12 year old Tom an idea for his own fell run from his home in Corris, Southern Snowdonia. After poring over maps and exploring the local hills, “The Corris Round” was born.

This film follows Tom as he runs the inaugural “Round” with his Dad in 11.5 hours, covering 56.2 km, 12 Hewitts and 3315m of height gain.