Family Selection

Sunday 21st February 2021. 2:00pm
The Highland Cinema

Get the little ones inspired with the Family Selection! In keeping with previous years, the Family Selection will be a free event with donations to raise money for a local charity. The selection is packed with films that are sure to get the smaller members of the family keen for adventures and leading the adults out the door. The Family Selection will only be shown at the Highland Cinema and will be part of the Fort William Spring Mountain Festival as soon as the cinema is able to open up again.

Time and date of screening to be confirmed as soon as possible.


Family Selection Line Up:

Growing on Two Wheels

Director – Bertrand Lemeunier

Growing on Two Wheels is Vanessa’s love story for bike trips. Over time, the challenges become very different when cycling as a family. During her journey from ages 28 to 40, she will have learned to overcome her doubts and face her greatest fear.


Keep Busy

Director – Mitja Legat

During the recent pandemic we were instructed to stay in quarantine and limit our social contacts, which left many people on their own.
Yet there is a big difference between being ALONE and being LONELY.
In a way, this strange times offered an opportunity to rediscover ourselves and do the things we usually do not have time for.
Keeping busy and being out in the nature always calms our inner fears and opens up different, more positive channels in our brains.
So keep pushing, keep dreaming, keep creating, keep smiling and most importantly, KEEP BUSY!


Between Walls

Directors – Jakob Schweighofer, Johannes Hoffmann & Simon Platzer

In spring 2019 gigantic walls of snow piled up along the pass road to the Timmelsjoch, Austria. Johanna Bolanos Cabrera and Jasmijn Hanegraef grap their longboards and took the chance to downhill through this stunning scenery. Speed is what the girls are living for!


My Scotland

Director – Robert S Miller

Filmed during the autumn months of 2019, ‘My Scotland’ is an adventure short film following some of my favourite outdoor pursuits around our wonderful country. Whilst Edinburgh is a brilliant capital, I feel you get a real sense of Scotland when you travel outside the city. ‘My Scotland’ tells the story of exploring the various landscapes it has to offer; from coast to coast and all the national parks in between, I’m very proud to call it home.

The Corris Round

Director – Rob Johnson

Watching Nicky Spinks videos on YouTube during lockdown gave 12 year old Tom an idea for his own fell run from his home in Corris, Southern Snowdonia. After poring over maps and exploring the local hills, “The Corris Round” was born.

This film follows Tom as he runs the inaugural “Round” with his Dad in 11.5 hours, covering 56.2 km, 12 Hewitts and 3315m of height gain.



Director – Richard Sidey

Wingsuit BASE jumping is often presented as a thrill seeking adrenaline rush. Spellbound takes us deeper into the more contemplative aspects of jumping, as David Walden and friends venture into the mountains around his home in New Zealand.

Beautiful scenery and hypnotic cinematography eject us from our daily lives into a world of air, earth and flight.