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Get the wheels rolling with the Biking Selection! But it’s not all biking. As well as the ultimate endurance bike race and long distance bike packing, we also have some high speed long boarding thrown in for good measure.

Films will be available to purchase for online viewing from the 19th to 25th February 2021.

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Biking Selection Line Up:

Onboard the Trans-continental Race

Director – Antonin Michaud-Soret

« At the sharp end it is a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution. »

But the Transcontinental Race is rarely a race against fellow competitors, nor against oneself. It is, primarily, a race for oneself. To ride the TCR is to explore who you become at the side of a road in the Alps or the Balkans, low on sleep, lucidity, hygiene and any notion of comfort. In the saddle, rolling over rough tarmac sixteen or eighteen hours a day, finding what exists beyond fatigue and exhaustion.

Do you scratch? Get the train home? Or discover and escape from everything that has been holding you back.

There is everything Antonin, the director, has collected, through the eyes of the photographers, James Robertson and Camille Mcmillan, Mike Hall & Anna Haslock, and Matthieu, cap 109, a cyclist who fights a very personal battle simply to complete the race.

The TCR is much more than a race, it’s a complete experience. Here, filmed during 3 races from 2016 to 2018, Onboard will immerse you in the unique experience that is the Transcontinental Race.


Just Be

Director – Susanna Kosa

“Just Be” is a short movie about the art of living wide rather than living long.

“Life’s short, they say. But…maybe it’s just long enough, if you live it right.”
This line from the movie is a variation of thoughts from the philosopher Seneca, who basically said, that if you live a fulfilled life, it doesn’t matter, how long it lasts.

Reading his words left such a deep impression on me that I knew I had to make art out of his thoughts – especially in recent days, where everyone is always busy.

So I made this short movie about our daily struggles, about passions, the love for mother nature, about freedom and about living a fulfilled life.

Yes, it’s two girls mountain biking, but the message is transferable to everyone, no matter which activity you choose outdoors.


Accidentally Bicycling the Longest Downhill Road on Planet Earth

Director – Dominic Smith

Imagine if you will climbing for four days into the Andes mountains by bicycle. It’s cold. It’s drizzling rain. Your breath yields less and less oxygen as you top 12,000 feet and keep climbing. You’re wearing knock off Northface gear you bought in a market in Hauraz for $20 and you just can’t get dry. 13,000 feet, now you’re higher than most mountains in the continental US and the Andean peaks still tower above you. After a night sleeping at 13,500 in a mining shack, you decide it’s time to descend.

So it was there that I found myself turning South West onto Peru’s highway 16 and accidentally discovering the longest uninterrupted downhill on Earth. For 72 miles it descends 13,388ft from Concocha to Paramonga. It’s hard to describe the release that you feel returning to mortal elevations, taking deep breaths of pure oxygenating air, and weaving past lumbering coal trucks slowly descending the winding road. I don’t think I put pressure on a pedal for two and a half hours. Snow and scrub gave way to trees and lush valleys and finally the heat of Peru’s coastal desert. It was almost enough to make me wonder how much easier the trip would have been if we took motorcycles….Almost.


Pamir to Karakoram

Director – Antoine Cottet

Let us take you on a journey across two of the wildest highways in the world: the Pamir and Karakoram Highways. Travel by bicycle across breathtaking landscapes, encounter some of the world’s most isolated populations and experience their cultures, cycle over passes above 4,650m, and descend on broken, muddy roads, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

We will take you through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Western China, and Pakistan, along the two highest international roads on the planet. Follow our journey along the old Silk Road as we push our limits both physically and mentally. You will meet the local people who help us, offer us a bed for the night, and most likely think we’re mad. Watch as the landscape, the people, and especially the food transform along the length of these two magnificent roads. This film will make you laugh, it may make you cry, and it will definitely make you want to travel!



Directors – Jakob Schweighofer, Johannes Hoffmann & Simon Platzer

In spring 2019 gigantic walls of snow piled up along the pass road to the Timmelsjoch, Austria. Johanna Bolanos Cabrera and Jasmijn Hanegraef grap their longboards and took the chance to downhill through this stunning scenery. Speed is what the girls are living for!


In the meantime…

Courtesy of Ellis Brigham and Patagonia, you can enjoy some top quality biking films, articles and interviews right now!

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