Colin Prior

As a visionary of landscape photography in Scotland whose work has been showcased all over the world, Colin Prior is an artist and technician who expertly creates the illusion of three dimensionality in two dimensional images. His majestic photographs of the hugely iconic Scottish mountains capture sublime moments of light, colour and land. They are also the result of meticulous research, planning, preparation and skill, often involving repeated trips to the most inaccessible locations for the precise moment when weather and light conditions perfectly combine at the ‘golden hour’ of dawn or dusk.

Colin Prior once said of his photography: “To know a mountain is to understand its rhythms and then become part of them. To photograph mountains successfully demands what the Arctic Inuit refer to as ‘quinuituq’ which translated means ‘deep patience’ – literally waiting hours for one second, or in my case, years for one second.”

Colin Prior’s passion for and curiosity of the natural world has shaped all aspects of his life. Through his photography he communicates how Scotland’s wild places make him feel whilst inspiring people to appreciate the world outside of their own.

Throughout his career as a photographer he has produced seven books of his work, all published internationally; he has been commissioned by British Airways to photograph four corporate calendars; he has exhibited his work in several solo exhibitions; and he has worked on a variety of TV documentaries featuring photography, mountains and travel and appeared on many TV and radio programmes. His passion for mountains and wild places is shared with others through his regular photography workshops and tuition. As a commercial photographer he continues to work closely with the creative community and the corporate sector with clients such as W H Malcolm, Hornby Hobbies, Calmac, Talent Scotland and Bowmore.