Where do we stand with FWMF 2021?

Despite the difficult and confusing circumstances, we would like to reassure you that we are continuing to work behind the scenes to bring you yet another fantastic program of events in February 2021.

We are eager to keep a live event. It is such a special part of the Fort William year, and what you bring by coming in person to the festival each year is an incredibly powerful sense of community. You support local businesses, outdoor partners, athletes, adventures, film makers and more. We are determined not to lose momentum or shrink away in the face of uncertainty.

So… we continue to plan with optimism and, as ever, are super excited to invite you all back next year, to the festival we hold so dear. After the incredibly odd year we all will have had, FWMF will be the perfect way to commiserate, celebrate and come back together as a community. The mountains, in their wisdom, are strong, silent and solid. They’ll be there to restore our wonder and our spirits. We can’t wait to celebrate that!

We are flexible, resourceful and full of wonderful ideas with options for all eventualities, so we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.